Gruber on iPhone 6

If you use an iPhone, and you’re undecided on whether to upgrade to the latest version 6 handset, you might be persuaded by John Gruber. He’s a big time fan boy, but his hardware reviews are reliable. He’s not afraid to talk about what he doesn’t like about Apple products. In this article he spends time talking about the size of iPhone 6, and what form factor works for him. Your mileage may vary.

I’m staying with my iPhone 5s for now. It’s still relatively new for me, and it fits nicely in my pocket. For now, I don’t need the bigger screens on the 6 and 6 Plus. Most of my mobile computing occurs on my iPad Air which is the perfect balance between my iPhone and my Macbook Pro.

iOS 8 comes out later today, and I’ll likely mention my opinion on it in the next few days.

Titanic References are Never Positive

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