“Narcissism of Small Differences”

You are either in the iPhone camp or the Android camp. That’s what I’ve come to know over the past few years. There are disciples for each platform. What’s odd though, is when one former adherent converts to the other side. Oh, and he appears to like his choice too.

More and more, the uniqueness of iOS and Android becomes less obvious. Both platforms offer much of the same eye candy, and increasingly, share similar functionality. I’ve been an iOS user from the start, but have kept my eye on Samsung handsets for the past year or so. The closest I came to switching was last January, but, the tractor beam pull of Apple wouldn’t relinquish its grasp. I have an iPhone 5, and have not felt the need to move to the iPhone 5S.

Truth is, I’m waiting to see what Samsung comes up with next.

Use to be, the choices where around hardware specs. Now, it seems, the choices are around experience. As the months go by, differences between iOS and Android will become even more opaque.

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