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Wow. What a day.

I was wondering when it would happen. It happened today. God melted my heart for these kids. It’s like a connection was made. I was humbled. Brought low. He showed me how blessed I am. I still have more than a week left in Africa, but if I had to leave now, I feel as if I’ve been given the reason for the work I’m doing.

We started off at 8:30 am for Kiserian Life Center. Along the way I saw some homes. I wouldn’t have thought that people lived in huts like this in 2019, but they do.

The dirt road to Kaserian was rough. Really rough. For 20 km, we traveled like this.

We arrived to the Life Center around 10 am, and we were greeted in grand fashion. The children stood as we walked into the church, and they were dressed in their school uniforms. I can’t tell you what a privilege it was to be given such hospitality. They gave me gifts – a handmade beaded belt, a gourd, a handmade bracelet and a jar of local honey. This was a very special thing. I know it took them a long time to make these gifts, and the honey they gave me was worth real income to them. I was overjoyed at their generosity.

IMG 0299

The kids and their parents performed a song of welcome to me. How special!

Later we walked around the area looking at school buildings CCW has funded. I was able to see a water system installed by CCW. Our time ended with handshakes and a photo with Pastor Nelson.

IMG 0319

I promised the kids of Kiserian that I would visit them again.

After a light lunch we drove to Lelen Life Center. By the time we arrived, it was well over 90 degrees. The parents and children of Lelen were waiting for us. We got out of the car and were greeted with handshakes from the adults, then we moved into the church. This church was very humble. It was small, with a tin roof and holes in the walls. But to these people, it was God’s house. I was so happy to be there. After greetings, they also gave us their precious honey as a gift. I was very appreciative. We talked and my colleague Peter Horne told a story about the mercy of Jesus. Before we left, I was able to take a photo with the children.

IMG 0346

This day was full of emotions. Laughter, joy, friendship, and blessings. I will never forget this visit to Baringo.

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