Sri Lanka and Thailand

What a blessing it was to visit with Childcare Worldwide staff and sponsored children in Sri Lanka and Thailand! It’s funny how expectations change when we experience something new. This was my first visit to Sri Lanka, and I thought I knew what I was going to see there. Within the first few weeks of… Continue reading Sri Lanka and Thailand

Kaptembwo and Olenkasurai

I’ve had another couple of great days in Kenya. I’m really going to miss this place. Yesterday we dedicated a new water catchment system in Kaptembwo Slum, a humble place with wonderful people. They greeted us with great hospitality and reverence. The church and school has many young students and dedicated teachers who really care.… Continue reading Kaptembwo and Olenkasurai

Are We There Yet?

It all started innocently enough. Drive to YVR, park, check in, security, walk to gate, get on plane. Fly to YYZ. That part worked as planned. Then, it didn’t. I arrived at 6:15 am and found out that my 8 am flight to Newark, NJ was cancelled. Okay. Simple. I get rebooked for a 12:15… Continue reading Are We There Yet?