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My ministry, Childcare Worldwide was on KGNW AM 820 in Seattle this week talking about the need for clean water in Kenya. What a great opportunity! I was so happy to get the word out about CCW to the Seattle market. That kind of exposure is invaluable. Michelle Mendoza of “Live From Seattle” was so great. And I need to give a shout out to Dave Drui, program director at the station. In a previous life, I spent a few years working in radio, and Dave and I spent two days reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”. Music carts, reel-to-reel tape, splicing kits…all of the glamour of radio before digital. Plus, bonus! Dave was a floor director for the JP Patches Show. If you are a pacific northwest native, and you are over 40, you know JP. That show was hilarious, and Dave was right there. I really enjoyed talking with him, and seeing old pictures and sound bites of “the clown show” as they so affectionately called it.

Young children in Kenya spend hours fetching water for their families every day. Clean water is scarce, so the water they go after is often very dirty and rife with disease. Moreover, these kids have to walk miles to the water source, and then walk back carrying over 40 pounds of water. I saw hundreds of these kids when I visited back in February of this year. Our time on KGNW was all about building a water catchment system, and providing water filters to a community in desperate need. I am happy to say we raised money to purchase one system. I’m going back to Kenya in August and this new water system will be in place by then. I can’t wait to take pictures, and record some audio of the local children reflecting on the gift of cool, clean water.

There is still time to give to this awesome project. We have a lot of water catchment systems to install! Go here and give as much as you can:

Here’s is the recording of day two of the campaign. Please give it a listen.

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