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I’m in Uganda!

I’ve spent the last two days visiting CCW staff at our office in Entebbe, Uganda. The first thing I noticed about this place is how green and lush it is. It is certainly less dry than Kenya. It’s also humid, something that was also missing in Kenya. I’ve received a warm welcome here.

Today was special. We visited St. Luke’s Life Center where we met children who were learning a lesson about forgiveness. Their teacher Gloria was awesome, and I could tell the kids loved her. They recited verses, sang songs, and performed a skit of the story of the Prodigal Son. It was wonderful.

IMG 0570

Later, we went outside and washed up for breakfast.

IMG 0572

After washing the kids lined up to get their food, a cup of porridge and piece of bread.

IMG 0586

IMG 0587

IMG 0580

I loved these kids. You could tell they really had a heart for the Lord. They were so appreciative, and happy. They loved this Life Center and the people who teach them there.

After we left the Life Center, we delivered a Critical Care Pak to a humble family. The mother, who is just 25 years old, has 5 children whom she raises by herself. She works in a rock quarry, but her income is not enough to pay for food for her children. Most of her pay goes toward the rent for a very small room with a dirt floor. CCW is providing her food so she can feed her kids and save any extra money for other needs.

IMG 0592

This is the first time I’ve ever delivered food to such a needy family. My heart broke for them. Even though there are smiles on their faces, they live a very hard life.

IMG 0599

IMG 0605

Before we left, I prayed that God would sustain them, and open doors for their mother to get better work so she could provide all their necessities.

We traveled back to the CCW office so I could meet some very special people. When I started as President back in November of 2018, I immediately wanted to sponsor a child of my own. I remember looking through the pictures of kids who were waiting for support, and I found one very special young lady. Her name is Betty Nalukwago, and I just knew she was the one my wife Melissa and I needed to sponsor. I was so happy to meet her today!

IMG 0615

What a sweet, beautiful young woman. We took pictures, and talked for several minutes. She’s in first year university and loves her studies. I was really taken by her. She was so grateful for our support, and she said she couldn’t wait to meet Melissa. I showed her pictures of my family, and Molly, my black lab. I look forward to helping Betty for years to come. She’s very special to me.

Next I met two young men who were former members of the Ugandan Kids Choir. They are now all grown up. Jackson Pereketya was in one of our early choirs and has done really well in his studies.  He is currently studying Medicine under a government scholarship. Semmuju Fulugensio is in trade school studying Hotel Management.  In the mean time he bakes and decorates cakes. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with these two guys. They love CCW, and are so appreciative of the help they have received from their sponsors through the years.

IMG 0628

My heart is bursting with love for the people I met today. What a joy it is to be able to serve the Lord in this way. The people of Uganda are wonderful, and God willing, our work here will continue for many years to come.

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