Greetings from Chennai, India!

What a blessing it has been to be in Chennai, India to visit our Childcare Worldwide programs! While it took a total of 3 days to reach this place (due to airport delays), it has been so wonderful to meet our CCW leaders and witness the ministry being provided to the children.

It was a privilege to meet a woman who has been serving needy children in India for over 55 years! Dr. Colleen Redit is the founder of Christian Missions Charitable Trust. While visiting I heard so many stories of how God has provided for this ministry through the years. From feeding and caring for extremely poor kids, to building hundreds of small houses after the 2004 Tsunami, Colleen could point every time to the moment the Lord provided the funds and people to bring much needed aid. What an inspiration, and I can only hope that I am able to serve as many years as Dr. Redit.

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Later in the day I attended a Medical Camp.

IMG 0796

IMG 0771

I was blown away by how wonderful it was to be able to provide the support to put on this camp. There were so many women and children who we served. There were 4 doctors at the camp who have donated their time to provide health care for this community.

After checking in, the patients would get their blood pressure and blood sugar checked.

IMG 0782

They would then move to the consultation with the doctors.

IMG 0792

The doctors would recommend a course of treatment which could also include pharmaceuticals.

IMG 0783

After picking up their meds and before they left the tent, they met with area pastors for counseling and prayer.

IMG 0829

CCW would love to help provide these medical camps every month. With your help, I know we can do it!

On Sunday we attended church and visited Life Centers.

IMG 0837

The kids were so great! They sang songs and recited Bible verses from memory. One very important thing struck me – many of these kids come from Hindu families, who typically are not excited at all about their kids hearing the gospel and being taught biblical principals. In recent years, it has become more difficult to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ openly, and as a result, our Life Center work is constrained by this. Still, our leaders do a great job and find just the right ways to teach the kids that Jesus loves them, and they can find forgiveness through faith alone.

IMG 0933

IMG 0993

This Life Center was on top of a roof in a very poor neighborhood. After hearing songs and learning a Bible lesson, we fed the kids chicken rice with gravy. For many of these kids, this is the only meal they will get all day.

IMG 0977

I was really touched by the smiles and joy in the faces of these kids. Even though they can’t regularly attend a Christian church, at this Life Center they hear about how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. I am so happy to be able to represent a ministry that provides this life giving message.

India is a special place, and our work here is so important. I hope you can join me by helping to feed, provide health care, and deliver the Good News to the children. Give us a call at 800.553.2328 or reach out to us at CCW.

Next stop, Sri Lanka!

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