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I’ve had another couple of great days in Kenya. I’m really going to miss this place.

Yesterday we dedicated a new water catchment system in Kaptembwo Slum, a humble place with wonderful people. They greeted us with great hospitality and reverence. The church and school has many young students and dedicated teachers who really care. The theme of the event was “Water Is Life!” I can’t imagine what it is like to be worried about the water coming into your neighborhood, but for these people, dirty water is an every day reality. In the slum, the water that is pumped into the area is terrible. It carries many diseases which make the kids sick and prevents them from attending school. The water catchment system helps a great deal. By collecting and filtering water, it becomes safe for consumption. It was a privilege to represent Childcare Worldwide who funded and installed the system. After a ribbon cutting ceremony, we ran the water and the kids washed and drank some.

IMG 0428

IMG 0434

IMG 0448

IMG 0423(Me and East Africa Director, Michael Wafula)

Today we traveled to Narok, and visited Olenkasurai Life Center and Clinic. We drove nearly three hours to reach the site. Upon arrival, we toured the grounds and visited with the clinic nurse practitioner.

IMG 0464

He’s been practicing there for a couple of years and provides invaluable assistance to the local people. He needs more help though, as they are running short of medical supplies which is a hardship for the community.

Later, I met David, a man who was sponsored by CCW as a child. He’s now the Deputy Head Teacher at the Life Center. What a success story! He is a great example of what happens through child sponsorship. He said if it wasn’t for the help from his sponsor and CCW, he would have never had a chance at getting an education which in turn allows him to provide for himself and his family. I was so happy to meet this man!

IMG 0468

David mentioned that in over 25 years at this Life Center, former sponsored kids have grown into adults and are now Educators (25), Administrators (7), Engineers (27), Business Managers (14), Accountants (6), Agriculturists (5), Tourism Professionals (3), HR Directors (6), and Theologians (1).

Child Sponsorship Works!

We were entertained by students singing and dancing. Such a treat!

Before we left, I got a chance to say “Hi” to the kids! They are so friendly and appreciative of what CCW sponsorship does for them.

IMG 0511

Tomorrow is my last day in Kenya. I head to Uganda in the evening to visit our office there and see more of our field work.

God Is Good! All The Time!

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