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I encounter a lot of people who don’t know who Childcare Worldwide is, or what we do. Yes, even after 39-years of providing child sponsorship, we are still unknown to many people. The aim of this post is to introduce ourselves, and to give you an idea of how you can help us to continue to help kids around the world.

Childcare Worldwide transforms children’s lives by exposing them to the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing for their physical needs and sponsoring their education. We connect sponsors with children through Christ-based Life Centers. With sponsors and Life Centers removing barriers, children grow spiritually and physically into thriving productive adults.

The biblical gospel is the primary message we deliver to underprivileged children and we provide holistic care to remove any barrier to fully hearing and understanding the Good News of Jesus Christ. With Christ as their cornerstone, children can succeed in school and throughout all areas of their lives.

The Life Center

Our child sponsorship program focuses on the Life Center. Based in local churches, Life Centers are where children receive a consistently delivered gospel message every weekend. A strong Bible curriculum is used by our trained teachers to guide children through what it means to be saved by Jesus Christ. Bibles are readily available at Life Center locations, and children are encouraged to bring their own copies or use the provided copies. Life Center activities run for 3 hours and include a group Bible lesson, Bible memorization exercises, small group discussion, individual counseling, crafts, and organized games.

Life Center church partnerships are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • The church and pastor’s Statement of Faith (SoF) aligns with CCW’s.
  • The church and pastor affirms alignment to the SoF annually.
  • The church and pastor have a commitment to gospel evangelism and discipleship.
  • The pastor and church leadership enthusiastically endorse CCW’s vision for LCs, and are willing to get involved to minister to the families of sponsored children.
  • There is a commitment to a long-term partnership.
  • The pastor and church leadership embrace the benefits of having an LC in their church:
    • An excellent evangelistic opportunity.
    • A way for the church to be “salt and light” to their community.
    • The church is seen as having an impact in the community/neighborhood.
    • A way to help some of their congregation’s families, but not exclusively.
    • An opportunity for volunteer service for their members.
    • A shepherding ministry for pastors, leaders, and future leaders.
    • An additional discipleship opportunity for sponsored children.
    • A networking opportunity with other like-minded pastors and churches.
    • A training center for leaders and congregation on ministry to children and their families.
    • Members of the congregation are available to volunteer. In serving at the LC, they are ministering on behalf of CCW, under the oversight of the church’s leadership, and unto the Lord.
    • Church volunteers are lead by the lead-teacher employed by CCW.
    • Volunteers are trained and follow the guidelines of the LC.

Children meet at a single Life Center and are taught by one teacher who is supported by two or more local church volunteers. Staff of CCW make monthly or quarterly checks on the Life Centers to ensure that the curriculum is being presented well, check on the children, and help the children write letters to their sponsors.

Holistic Care

Physical barriers can prevent children from internalizing the life saving message of Jesus. CCW strives to remove the most basic physical barriers kids face by providing access to clean water, healthy food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education.

Whenever possible, we partner with local churches to deliver relief. If access to clean water is the greatest need in a community, CCW will install a Water Catchment System on church property where we operate a Life Center. The system is replenished during rainy seasons, and serves the church community with thousands of gallons of rainwater. The water is filtered to strain away dirt and dangerous pathogens. A centrally located water system removes the need for children to walk miles to collect water from contaminated sources. Children and their families stay healthy when they can access clean water from a church within their community.

The families of sponsored children often do not have enough resources to adequately feed themselves. Kids come to the Life Center hungry and in need of nutritious food. CCW prepares and serves food to the kids at their Life Center each weekend. Other CCW food programs exist to ensure the most impoverished families have enough to eat.

Access to education is important to provide opportunity for sponsored children. CCW pays a portion of the school fees charged by local school districts so kids can stay enrolled.

Other programs help CCW provide children with adequate medical care, clothing and shelter for their families.

So, how can you help? There are a number of ways! First, you can choose to sponsor a child. Child sponsorship is meaningful, impactful, and transforms lives! I’ve seen it first hand, and I am constantly reminded by this when I hear from our CCW kids. They say again and again that they wouldn’t be where they are, or have the opportunities they have without the help of their sponsor.

You can help bring fresh water to communities! Most of our sponsored children are tasked with fetching water for their family. This often involves walking miles and miles to collect contaminated water. By giving to our water fund, you can help stop the cycle of sickness that happens when kids ingest dirty water.

You can help us deliver food to the kids! Everyone deserves to eat nutritious food.

There are a lot of other things you could do too, like purchase something from our catalog. Each item is meaningful, and we mobilize the items quickly!

While we have been helping children for a very long time, in many ways, we’re just getting started. The need continues, and we won’t stop until as many children as possible are exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the most important thing they will ever receive. I hope you’ll join us by partnering with Childcare Worldwide today!

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